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We connect the right people to the right opportunities.  What is the “right” person?  The right person is the employee that matches your needs not only in qualifications and experience but also in culture, ethics, career goals, work/life balance, location and compensation.  We will screen for the tangible and intangible.

What do you want in your next employee?  Do you want to hire an employee with initiative? Skill?  Know-how and dedication?  Then you want to Hire Moxie and that’s what we do! Let us take the guesswork out of your recruiting and find that right fit for you.


Sam Schutte, President, Unstoppable Software, Inc. "As part of our plans for 2013, we wanted to expand our sales team by bringing in an inside sales resource. Having not hired that particular kind of role before, I was unsure of what to look for. At first I posted some ads on the usual internet sites and tried to find candidates on my own, but soon found that I wasn't getting very many candidates, and the ones I were getting, I really didn't know if they would be a good fit for the job. I spoke to Sally about my struggles because I thought it wouldn't hurt to get her opinion, and she ended up being a wealth of knowledge about how to find a good sales person, and shared some great advice such as the fact that great salespeople are never looking for a job, and they you've got to call ones who are already employed. I decided to hire her to fill this position at our firm, and within just a few short weeks was able to meet and speak with a handful of candidates, all of whom were optimistic, excited, and seemed like any one of which would be a great fit. I ended up hiring the best candidate, and he's now been with us 5 months and is a great addition to our team and truly has a long-term view of his career with our company. In the future, I will definitely work with Sally again as I think she is very easily one of the best recruiters in the city."

Sam Schutte
Unstoppable Software, Inc.

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Technical Support Specialist  
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Data Strategist 

Cincinnati OH

Training Documentation Manager 
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Senior Interactive Art Director
Columbus OH

Director, Pricing 
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Senior Research Analyst  
Cincinnati OH

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Enterprise Sales Executive:  Marketing Software 
Senior Research Analyst:  Predictive Analytics 
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Vice President:  Advertising 
Practice Leader:  IT Consulting 
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