"As part of our growth plans, we wanted to expand our sales team by bringing in an inside sales resource.  Having not hired that particular kind of role before, I was unsure of what to look for.  At first I posted some ads on the usual internet sites and tried to find candidates on my own, but soon found that I wasn't getting very many candidates, and the ones I were getting, I really didn't know if they would be a good fit for the job.  I spoke to Sally about my struggles because I thought it wouldn't hurt to get her opinion, and she ended up being a wealth of knowledge about how to find a good sales person, and shared some great advice such as the fact that great salespeople are never looking for a job, and they you've got to call ones who are already employed.  I decided to hire her to fill this position at our firm, and within just a few short weeks was able to meet and speak with a handful of candidates, all of whom were optimistic, excited, and seemed like any one of which would be a great fit.  I ended up hiring the best candidate, and he's now been with us 5 months and is a great addition to our team and truly has a long-term view of his career with our company.  In the future, I will definitely work with Sally again as I think she is very easily one of the best recruiters in the city."

Sam Schutte
Unstoppable Software, Inc.

"Sally has been a valuable, focused, and effective partner in filling very specific openings in several areas for me and ThinkVine over the last several years. She excels at sourcing candidates that aren't actively looking for a new position. She listens carefully, and quickly grasps not only the major characteristics of the desired candidate, but also the nuances required for a good fit. She provides well-screened candidates for our consideration. I would highly recommend Sally and HireMoxie, Inc."

Darcy Hoffmann
VP, Customer Success

"I highly recommend Sally. The relationship was one of working "with" her. Sally's questions were very focused on ensuring she advanced the most qualified and best fit candidates. She has outstanding sourcing, communication and service-focused skills."

Patrick Heekin
Chief Revenue Officer
Survey Analytics

"I worked with Sally for several years while at Harte-Hanks. She filled some of our more specialized positions and did an outstanding job. She always submitted highly qualified, well-screened candidates and she excelled at direct recruiting passive candidates from our competitors I would highly recommend her!"

Kelly Johnston
Former HR Manager

"Sally contacted me out of the blue about a Sales pos, ition she was working on for her client. I wasn't looking but after hearing about the opportunity, I was open to at least learning more. Sally arranged a meeting with her client and I'm glad she did. I love my new position."

Nicholas Ruck
Software Consultant
Survey Analytics

"Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Sally for her professional services. Last year, at a time when I was not actively searching for a new position, Sally had contacted me regarding a new career opportunity; and although I was not actively pursuing a change, the details of the opportunity were such a close match to my interests, skills and experience that I could not pass up the chance to learn more. After an initial conversation with Sally, it became clear she truly cares about what she does and she easily gained my trust – I quickly went from not actively searching for a new position, to an eager pursuit for the change. Throughout the process, she always kept an open line for communication, providing updates and advice along the way. Now, I’m six months into my new CAREER and I couldn’t be happier, and am very excited for the future. It is a pleasure working with and getting to know Sally; her positive, upbeat attitude and dedication is unmatched in her industry. I consider myself very fortunate for the opportunity that would not have been possible without Sally!"

John Quinn
Solutions Architect
Unstoppable Software, Inc.